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You Don’t Have to Do it Alone, Be Coached

Retirement Coaching

Give me six weeks (or a few more or less if you wish) to work with you on the rest of your story. As your retirement coach, I will help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. I work with SkillScan™ to help you find a new role in your retirement years. In addition, I'm proud to have received certification as a retirement life coach by the Boomerang™ Institute for Retirement Life Coaching.™ You and your spouse both interested—we can do that. Please call 607-279-8400 or e-mail [email protected] and we'll get your retirement on or back on the right track. Give yourself the opportunity to decide what you want to be in retirement! Ask yourself, “What will those long-awaited 20 or so retirement years look and feel like?” There’s more to it than just good financial planning. In fact, the statistics on physical and mental illness, suicide rates, and other distress indicators rise dramatically for those in retirement. Don't be a statistic, let me help you achieve that retirement picture you've held in your mind for your entire work life—you deserve nothing less. 

What if you change your mind about working, lots of us do! Let's bring some science to that process,

If you want to explore what skills and interests, you've brought with you and how they might be utilized in paid or volunteer work I have some tools that can help with those decisions.

Skill and Interest Assessment In or Before Retirement


Using the best skill and interest analyzer available, Skillscan™ will give you a short assessment (30 minutes) with a long set of options based on your data. Here's the outline of the information we'll have to work with.

Pre or Post-Retiree