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You Don’t Have to Do it Alone, Be Coached

Consulting Services for Organizations, Individual Practitioners, Patients/Families




With more than 20 years as a hospital executive, health planner, health advocate and team builder, it's no surprise that I've found a consulting niche in the health care industry. I have worked successfully with large health care organizations but find my true passion comes with working with smaller organizations, individual practitioners especially independent physician offices, and patients trying to navigate the system. My clients have been in Virginia, New Jersey and New York yet their issues are very similar. Organizations and Practitioners: How to compete with larger entities with deep pockets, as well as, other size advantages. How to continue to attract top rate staff in this very competitive market. How to communicate to patients the advantages inherent in the private practice of medicine. Not to mention, dealing with Insurance Companies and employers in order to take care of patients. Need an experienced negotiator and advocate on your side. I am a supporter of the private practice of medicine because I believe the incentives for physicians and patients line up in a very consistent way for the betterment of health care as it was intended to be delivered. If you want to know why my experience has led me to this conclusion? Ask me.

Patients and families: Sometimes feel as though you're on foreign territory, need a translator, advocate, negotiator?

In addition to my experience, I have a masters degree in business administration, and a doctorate in health administration. Call for a free consultation and together we'll decide if I can help 607-319-4151, [email protected]

PRACTITIONERS NEED LEADERSHIP SKILL BUILDING? Call former Hospital CEO, Bank Director, Health Administration Professor, Health Association Board Member and small business owner Bonnie H. Howell 607-319-4151


If your office could use some assistance in team building, advocacy, policy matters, or human resource issues, call me I want to be your coach. Have the right people but they just don't work well together, let me do an assessment and team building process that can make all the difference. I love to help physician leaders acquire the management skills that can make all the difference in the quality of your day-to-day practice life and enhance the morale of your staff, reduce turnover, save money. I have been on the front lines in leadership and taught it at two major universities. You can't enjoy an activity if you've never been taught the skill set— don't believe leadership is something you could ever enjoy? Don't believe good leadership makes a difference?—Let's talk, call me for a free consultation.